Michael Barr

Peter Redpath Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics, McGill University

E-mail: barr at math dot mcgill dot ca
Office: Burnside Hall, Room 918
Office Phone: (514) 398-3806
Office FAX: (514) 398-3899
Mailing address:
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke St. W
Montreal, QC H3A 2K6

Research Interests

I work on category theory, often the kind of category theory that is applicable in theoretical computer science. Earlier, I worked on homological algebra, especially triple cohomology and this ealier work has recently been improved and published in the book Acyclic models. My two other books, both joint with Charles Wells, are Category Theory for Computing Science (newly revised with all material missing from the second edition, including solutions to all the exercises, restored) and Triples, Toposes and Theories, both available for free download.

I have also been doing considerable work on understanding and applying Chu categories (and chu categories). More recently, I have been doing joint work with John Kennison and Robert Raphael on various subjects in category theory and related things.

Most of the papers I have written in my career (all I have been able to download) are available for free download here.

I am TeXnical editor of the electronic journal Theory and Applications of Categories.

July 10, 2015