Graduate students

Doctoral students:
  • Ibrahim Al Balushi (Adaptive spline finite element methods)
Master's students:

Undergraduate students

  • Jing Ning (Undergraduate research project 2019, Mathematical models of neurons)
  • Justin Legrand (CEGEP student research project 2019, Computation of pi)
  • Apolline Bard (Undergraduate research project 2018, Data assimilation methods for dynamical systems)
  • Nathaniel Leitao (Honours research project 2017, Cauchy problem in general relativity)
  • Tracey Nilsen-Ames (Undergraduate research project 2017, Perfectly matched layers for gravitational waves)
  • Jia Lu (Undergraduate research project 2016, Near wall models of turbulent flows)
  • Remmelt Amerlaan (Honours research project 2016, Discrete exterior calculus)
  • Valentin Duruisseaux (Honours research project 2016, Symplectic integrators)
  • Xuan Dai (Summer research 2016, Lie group methods in differential equations, co-supervisor dr. Andy Wan)
  • Nicolas Fortier (Summer research 2016, Computer verification of the Riemann hypothesis)
  • Alex Laguë (NSERC Award 2016, Gluing constructions in general relativity)
  • Guillaume Feigna (Summer internship 2016, Adaptive mixed finite element methods)
  • Tian Xia (Summer research 2016, Adaptive ODE integrators)
  • Woo Jin Jang (Summer research 2016, Probabilistic analysis of Gaussian elimination)
  • Erick Schultz (NSERC Award 2015, Classical lattice gauge theory)
  • Serena McDonnell (Independent study 2014, Technical analysis in financial markets)
  • David Kleiman (Honours research project 2014, Mechanical properties of Möbius bands)
  • Raphaël Hebert (Honours independent study 2013, Geometry of surfaces)
  • Aditya Kumar (Honours thesis 2013, Density functional theory)
  • Mashbat Suzuki (Summer research 2012, Randomness in general relativity, co-supervisors prof. Linan Chen and prof. Dmitry Jakobson)
  • Olivier Ouelette (Summer research 2012, Sobolev spaces, co-supervisors prof. Linan Chen and prof. Dmitry Jakobson)
  • Antony Della Vecchia (NSERC Award 2012, Strange attractors)
  • Spencer Frei (ISM Scholarship 2012, Weak convergence methods in PDE, co-supervisor prof. Brian Seguin)
  • Ryan Sicilliano (Independent study 2012, Hodgkin-Huxley model and its numerics)
  • Zhe Chen (ISM Scholarship 2011, Convex analysis, co-supervisor prof. Marco Veneroni)
  • Joshua Lackman (Summer research 2011, Nonlinear elliptic equations)
  • Robert Gibson (ISM Scholarship 2010, Nonlinear wave equations, co-supervisor prof. Renato Calleja)

Expository writings by students