MATH 454: Honors Analysis 3

Fall 2018

Course web page:

  • MWF 8:35-9:25, Burnside 1B23
  • Starting Friday, September 28, the course will move to Maass 217 (Chemistry building)
  • The lectures will start on Wednesday, September 5.
  • The last lecture is on Tuesday, December 4, same time and room.
  • Office hours (tentative), week of December 10: Monday, Dec. 10, 2pm-3pm; Wednesday, Dec. 12, 12noon-2pm; Thursday, Dec. 13, 12noon-2pm; or by appointment.

  • Instructor: D. Jakobson
    Office: BH1220
    Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, 9:30-10:30
    Tel: 398-3828
    E-mail: dmitry.jakobson AT
    Web Page:
  • R. Maclaine Mitchell
  • A. Wertheimer

  • Decription of BSc-MSc program

    Prerequisites: Math 255 or equivalent
  • Real Analysis, 4th edition, by H.L. Royden and P.M. Fitzpatrick.
  • Supplementary: 2010 Lecture notes taken by Robert Gibson.
  • Supplementary: Notes on Introductory Point-Set Topology by Allen Hatcher.

  • Syllabus: Review of point-set topology: topological space, dense sets, completeness, compactness, connectedness and path-connectedness, separability. Arzela-Ascoli, Stone-Weierstrass, Baire category theorems. Measure theory: sigma algebras, Lebesgue measure and integration, L^1 functions. Fatou's lemma, monotone and dominated convergence theorem. Egorov, Lusin's theorems. Fubini-Tonelli theorem.
    Assignments: There will be be several assignments. Due dates will be announced in class and on the course web page. Late assignments will not be accepted, except in cases of emergency. Depending on availability of TA and other factors, some problems may not be marked.
  • Assignment 1, due Wednesday, October 3: pdf.
  • Assignment 1, Part 2 (Hausdorff measure), due Wednesday, October 3: pdf.
  • Assignment 2, due Wednesday, October 17: pdf.
  • Assignment 2, Part 2 (Continued Fractions), due Wednesday, October 17: pdf.
  • Assignment 3, due Monday, November 12: pdf.
  • Assignment 4: pdf. Please, bring whatever you can on Friday, November 23; please bring the rest some time next week.

  • Handouts (for previous years/different classes!):
  • Elementary proof of Tychonoff's theorem via nets Paul Chernoff, American Math. Monthly, 99 (1992), pp. 932-934.
  • Differentiation in Function spaces: an example: ps and pdf
  • Handout on Bernstein approximation theorem: ps and pdf
  • Handout on Stone-Weierstrass theorem: ps and pdf
  • Handout on miscellaneous properties of metric spaces: ps and pdf
  • Handout on Baire's Category theorem and Uniform Boundedness Principle ps and pdf
  • Handout on the Intermediate Value theorem ps and pdf
  • Handout on Inverse Function and Implicit Function theorems in R^n ps and pdf
  • Summary of course material in 2006 course Math 354: ps and pdf
  • Summary of the course material in the Fall 2010, compiled by Robert Gibson
  • Summary from Stein/Shakarchi, chapters 1 and 2
  • Summary of the rest of the material in the course

  • Midterm:
  • There will be a choice of an in-class or take-home midterm. Both midterms would be marked. You can attempt both tests, your mark will be the highest of the 2 marks that you receive.
  • In-class midterm: Thursday, November 1, Stewart Biology building, Room S1/3, 18:15-20:15.
  • Take-home midterm: given out on October 24, due on October 31.

  • Final:
  • There will be a three hour final exam. December 18, 14:00-17:00, room to be announced.
  • SUMS website should have arxived exams.
  • Supplemental: There will be a supplemental exam, counting 100% of the supplemental grade. No additional work will be accepted for D, F, or J.

  • Grading: Your final mark will be the largest of the following: [20% Assignments + 30% Midterm + 50% Final]; OR [20% Assignments + 80% Final].
    WebCT: Your scores on assignments, midterm, final, and your final mark will be posted on WebCT
    Course material from previous courses at McGill:
  • Prof. V. Jaksic: 2009 Math 354
  • A. Tomberg took Lecture notes of Prof. Jaksic's lectures.
  • Prof. D. Jakobson: 2010 Math 354
  • 2010 Lecture notes taken by Robert Gibson.
  • Prof. D. Jakobson: 2006 Math 354
  • Linear algebra review (D. Jakobson): A note about determinants, ps and pdf.
  • Material from old Math 265 Course Pak (Prepared by Taylor and Labute): Implicit Function Theorem pdf and ps
  • Sam Drury's lecture notes for MATH 354 and MATH 355

  • Web links in Geometry and Topology
  • Lecture notes by Allen Hatcher
  • Lecture notes in general topology by Jan Derezinski
  • Glossary (wikipedia)
  • Another glossary
  • Rough guide to point-set topology
  • A wikibooks course in topology
  • A small handout of topological terms, prepared by P. Rosenthal
  • Introduction to Hausdorff distance: paper by J. Henrikson; page at Wapedia; applications to image recognition: Hausdorff distance between convex polygons, N. Gregoire and M. Bouillot.

  • Web links in Analysis
  • Metric space, Topology glossary, Functional analysis in Wikipedia
  • Norm, Holder's inequality, Minkowski inequality, Lp space, Hilbert space, Banach space, Cantor set, p-adic numbers in Wikipedia
  • Notes on differentiation of functions of several variables, implicit function theorem
  • Companion notes to Rudin's book
  • Yahoo group in Harmonic Analysis + a page with listings of conferences, successors to Terry Tao's old page on Harmonic analysis.
  • Terry Tao's blog
  • HELPDESK and their email:
    WEB LINKS in Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and Differential Equations.
    HELPDESK and their email:
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