Study materials (Cal II)

Selected exercises from the 7th and 8th editions of Stewart.

These "tests" are collections
of old test questions I have
given in past terms ---
I strongly suggest you try
these before each test!!
The Dobson files are also
worth looking at, especially
as the term comes to an end.

Practice Tests (Cal II):

Practice Test 1 (PDF format)
Practice Test 2 (PDF format)
Practice Test 3 (PDF format)

Click here if you are having trouble with the PDF files.

Supplemental Exercises in Calculus ("The Dobson Files")

Norm Dobson's Cal I problems
[Alternate site]  

Notes on various topics (Cal II)

Inverse Trig Functions summary by Bill Boshuck
Integration by Parts  [A streamlined version of the method by Bill Boshuck]  [Alternately: partial integration]
Trig integrals
Trig Sub
Tips on completing the square
Answers to the questions in the notes (PDF format)
Volumes   [These are rather "retro" in format, but I've added them to this list by "popular demand"!]
    Don't sweat the small stuff (NYA notes on limits as x → ∞)
    Big and Little (NYB notes on limits as x → ∞, including the Ratio Test for Sequences)
Population Growth differential equations ("Solutions without solving")
Series Convergence Tests
Euler's Equation: eπi+1=0

Integral Tables (formerly used in Cal II NS): (PDF format)  [Also in PS format]
   Trig-free version - (PDF format)  [Also in PS format]


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