Exercises in Calculus
by Norman Dobson, edited by Thomas Gideon


These exercises were given by the late Norman Dobson under the title "Final Exam Problems". They are excellent problems in preparation for examinations.

The files are available in portable document format (pdf) or in postscript (ps). If you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can use it to view and print files in portable document format. The latest version of the Acrobat Reader is available for free here. Viewing and printing postscript files can be done with gv (for linux and friends), or GSview (for MS-Windows).

Calculus I NYA - Contents

  1. Limits (ps, pdf)
  2. Continuity (ps, pdf)
  3. Definition of Derivative (ps, pdf)
  4. Differentiation u(ps, pdf)
  5. Tangents and Normals (ps, pdf)
  6. Related Rates (ps, pdf)
  7. Higher Derivatives (ps, pdf)
  8. Curve Sketching (ps, pdf)
  9. Optimization (ps, pdf)
  10. Integration (ps, pdf)
  11. Differential Equations (ps, pdf)
  12. Area (ps, pdf)
  13. Various (ps, pdf)

Calculus II NYB - Contents

  1. Integration (ps, pdf)
  2. Limits (ps, pdf)
  3. Volumes of Revolution (ps, pdf)
  4. Sequences, Geometric and Telescoping Series (ps, pdf)
  5. Positive Term Series (ps, pdf)
  6. Alternating Series (ps, pdf)

Note for Netscape or IExplorer users using PDF format: You might get a "garbage display" when you click on these "pdf" links - all horizontal lines with little or no text. This is a configuration problem with the browser and Acrobat. If you have this problem, the simplest solution is to download and install the latest version (4.05 or later) of the Acrobat Reader. More technical information is given here.
I have also been told that some files do not print correctly (minus signs missing) if Acrobat 3 is used, even though the file displays correctly on screen - the recommendation again is to use the current version of Acrobat.