Henri Darmon's Graduate Students

PhD Students

1998. Hassan Daghigh
Modular forms, quaternion algebras, and special values of L-functions.
Current position: Professor, Kashan University, Iran

2000. Ignazio Longhi
Non-archimedean integration and special values of L-functions for elliptic curves over function fields
(dvi, ps)
Current position: Professor, Xian-Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou.

2001. Dominic Lemelin
Mazur-Tate type conjectures for elliptic curves defined over quadratic imaginary fields
(dvi, ps)
Current position: Teacher, CEGEP Marianopolis

2002. Lassina Dembélé
Explicit computations of Hilbert modular forms on Q(5)
(dvi, ps)
Current position: Lecturer in computational number theory, Kings College London.

2005. Isabelle Déchène
Generalized jacobians in cryptography
Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa (now deceased).

2006. Matt Greenberg
Heegner points and rigid analytic modular forms
Current position: Associate Professor, University of Calgary.

2007. Hugo Chapdelaine
Elliptic units in ray class fields of real quadratic number fields
Current position: Associate Professor, Université Laval

2008. Shahab Shahabi.
p-adic deformation of Shintani cycles
Current position: Teacher, CEGEP Dawson

2011. Marc Masdeu.
CM cycles on varieties fibered over Shimura curves and p-adic L-functions.
Current position: Associate Professor, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

2011. Yu Zhao.
The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for Q-curves
Current position: Teacher, CEGEP John Abbott

2011. Cameron Franc.
Nearly rigid analytic modular forms and their values at CM points
Current position: Assistant Professor, McMaster University.

2013. Francesc Castella.
On the p-adic variation of Heegner points.
Current position: Professor, UC Santa Barbara.

2014. Luiz Takei.
Arithmetic aspects of triangle groups.
Current position: Teacher, CEGEP Dawson

2014. Luca Candelori.
Metaplectic stacks and vector-valued modular forms of half-integral weight.
Current position: Associate Professor, Wayne State University.

2014. Clément Gomez.
On Mazur-Tate type conjectures for quadratic imaginary fields and elliptic curves.
Current position: French government

2015. Yara Elias.
The Euler system of generalized Heegner cycles.
Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Max Plank Institute, Bonn and ICTP, Trieste. Now working in Industry.

2015. Juan Restrepo.
Stark-Heegner points attached to Cartan non-split curves
Current position: Private sector, California.

Bahare Mirza, abd.
Current position: teacher in CEGEP.

Bruno Joyal, ABD.

2018. Nicolas Simard.
Petersson inner product of theta series
Current position: Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Montreal.

2018. Alice Pozzi.
The eigencurve at weight one Eisenstein points
Current position: Tenure track, University of Bristol.

2019. Michele Fornea.
On twisted triple products and the arithmetic of elliptic curves.
Current position: Princeton University and Simons Junior Fellow, Columbia University. Postdoc in U. of Barcelona.

2021. James Rickards.
Intersections of closed geodesics on Shimura curves
Current position: Post-doctoral fellow, University of Colorado.

2021. David Lilienfeldt.
Algebraic cycles and diophantine geometry: generalised Heegner cycles, quadratic Chabauty and diagonal cycles.
Current positions: Post-doctoral fellow, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Postdoctoral fellow, University of Leiden.

2022. Isabella Negrini.
A Shimura-Shintani correspondence for rigid analytic cocycles of higher weight.
Current positions: Post-doctoral fellow, UBC, MSRI, and University of Toronto.

2023. Peter Xu.
Arithmetic Eisenstein theta lifts.
Current position: Hedrick Assistant Professor, UCLA.

Antoine Giard, in progress.

Marti Roset Julia, in progress.

Hughes Bellemare, in progress.

Hazem Hassan, in progress.

Arihant Jain, in progress.

Shousen Lu, in progress.

Involvement with PhD Students at other institutions

2004. Samit Dasgupta. (PhD, Berkeley, under the supervision of Kenneth Ribet.)
Gross-Stark units, Stark-Heegner points, and class fields of real quadratic fields
(dvi, ps).
Current position: Professor, Duke University.

Masters Students

1996. Nicholas Arsenault.
The class groups of arithmetically equivalent algebras
Current position: Teacher, College de Maisonneuve.

1996. Steve Thiboutot
Courbes elliptiques, représentations galoisiennes, et l'équation x2+y3=z5.
(dvi, ps, pdf)
Current position: Teacher, College de Maisonneuve. (Deceased).

1999. Isabelle Dechene
Quaternion Algebras and the graph method for elliptic curves
Current position: Assistant professor, University of Ottawa. (Deceased).

1999. Jody Esmonde
Parametric solutions to the generalized Fermat equation
Current position: Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

2000. Ian Stewart
The rigidity method and applications
Current position: GMAT Instructor, GMATiX, London.

2001. Colin Stewart
Universal deformations, rigidity, and Ihara's cocycle
(dvi, ps, pdf. )
Current position: Associate professor with tenure, Department of economics, University of Toronto.

2004. Antoine Gournay
Heegner points on elliptic curves of conductor less than 3000
(dvi, pdf. )
Here is the Heegner points Package that Gournay wrote to do the calculations in his thesis.
Current position: Post-doc, Insitute of Geometry, Department of Mathematics, T.U. Dresden.

2008. Jérome Grand'Maison
Determining the zeta function of curves via p-adic cohomology and deformation theory.
(pdf. )

2009. Gabriel Gauthier-Shalom
The Birch and Swinnnerton-Dyer conjecture for the Mazur-Kitagawa p-adic L-function in the presence of an exceptional zero
Current position: PhD student, University of Waterloo.

2010. Luca Candelori.
Towards a p-adic theory of harmonic weak Maass forms
Current position: Postdoc, Louisiana State University.

2010. James Leahy.
An Introduction to Tate's Thesis
Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Southern Califonria, Dornsife.

2012. Reza Sadoughian.
Rankin L-functions and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
Current position: PhD Student, UBC

2014. Nicolas Simard.
The Mazur-Tate pairing and explicit homomorphisms between Mordell-Weil groups of elliptic curves and ideal class groups
Current position: PhD Student, McGill

2014. Francois Seguin.
Numerical verification of a "Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer type" conjecture.
Current position: PhD Student, Queens University

2017. Hao (Billy) Lee.
Irregular weight one points with dihedral image.
Current position: PhD Student, University of Chicago.

2017. Isabella Negrini.
On the computation of p-adic theta functions arising from the Hurwitz quaternions..
Current position: PhD Student, McGill University.

2017. Ervin Thiagalingam, AbD.

2020. Andy Ramirez-Coté.
Canonical and quasi-canonical lifts of elliptic curves.
Current position: PhD Student, University of Toronto.

Former Postdoctoral fellows (with current locations)

Former USRA students