Anush Tserunyan

Անուշ Ծերունյան

Teaching over Zoom

Current Teaching

2021 Wntr: Algebra 2 [Math 236]

Future Teaching

2021 Fall: Mathematical Logic [Math 318]
2022 Wntr: (Graduate) Topics Course "Ergodic theory and measured group theory" [Math 594]
2022 Wntr: Honours Complex Variables [Math 249]

Past Teaching

McGill University
2020 Fall: Mathematical Logic [Math 318]
2019 Fall: (Graduate) Descriptive Set Theory [Math 574-DST]
2019 Sprg: (Graduate) Topics Course "Ctbl Borel equivalence relations" [Math 595]
2019 Sprg: Set Theory and Topology [Math 432]
2018 Sprg: (Graduate) Set Theory [Math 574-ST]
2017 Fall: (Graduate) Mathematical Logic [Math 570]
2017 Fall: (Honors) Fundamental Mathematics: Intro to Proofs [Math 347H]
2017 Sprg: (Graduate) Real Analysis [Math 540]
2017 Sprg: Set Theory and Topology [Math 432]
2016 Fall: (Graduate) Model Theory [Math 571]
2015 Fall: (Graduate) Mathematical Logic [Math 570]
2015 Fall: Fundamental Mathematics [Math 347]
2015 Sprg: (Graduate) Topics Course "Classification in Ergodic Theory" [Math 595]
Earlier courses at UIUC
2014 Fall: (Graduate) Mathematical Logic [Math 570]
2014 Fall: Elementary Real Analysis [Math 444]
2014 Sprg: (Graduate) Descriptive Set Theory [Math 574-DST]
2013 Fall: Applied Linear Algebra [Math 415]
2011 Fall: Multivariable Calculus (Honors) [Math 32AH]

Invited Mini-courses

2019, Jan 12–19: The 47th Winter School in Abstract Analysis, Svratka, Czech Republic
Course: Countable Borel equivalence relations (3 lectures)
2017, May 5–11: The 15th Annual Spring Institute: Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras, Vanderbilt University
Course: Countable Borel equivalence relations, ergodicity, and turbulence (3 lectures)
2016, Jun 6–10: Undergraduate Summer School within Thematic Program on Model Theory, University of Notre Dame
Course: Introduction to Model Theory Ⅱ (5 lectures)
2013, Jul 14–Aug 3: UCLA Undergraduate Logic Summer School 2013, UCLA Logic Center
Course: Descriptive Set Theory (15 lectures and problem sessions)
2012, Jun 24–Jul 14: UCLA Undergraduate Logic Summer School 2012, UCLA Logic Center
Course: First Order Logic and Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (15 lectures and problem sessions)