Calculus I (Winter 2016)

Suggested problems for the 7th edition of the textbook


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WeBWorK Login

*  WeBWorK Login Page
(Use your student number as username and password the first time you log in, and change your password immediately. Let me know of any problems, including trouble with login.)

Review and Practice Tests

*  If you need a "refresher" for your high-school algebra, you might want to look at this review of what you need to know to do calculus. A French version is also available. (Other advice is available on the host webpage.)
You need only look at section 3.

*  Link to the home page for the Stewart textbook
(You will find helpful worked-out examples on this webpage, linked to the topics in the text.)

*  Practice Tests

As the semester draws to a close, you should look at the Dobson Files and some old exams.

Test & Answers


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