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Recent old exams are also on the JAC Maths Dept homepage (Those copies have corrected any errors found in the answers.)

Please report any errors you find to me.
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All (most?) of these exams have ansewrs provided as well. In some cases, the answers are in a separate file.

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The following Cal I (NYA) exams are also available in "one-page" format (small type) - no answers. You can download them as PDF or as PS files. (My thanks to Bill Boshuck, who re-typeset these exams.)

99-3 (PS or PDF)    99-1 (PS or PDF)    98-3 (PS or PDF)    98-1 (PS or PDF)    97-3 (PS or PDF)    97-1 (PS or PDF)    96-3 (PS or PDF)    96-1 (PS or PDF)    95-3 (PS or PDF)    95-1 (PS or PDF)    94-3 (PS or PDF)    94-1 (PS or PDF)    93-3 (PS or PDF)   

More recent ones, plus an alternate link for those above:
Bill Boshuck's 1-page versions of old Cal I exams.


Bill Boshuck's 1-page versions of old Cal II exams.


Trial McGill Placement Exam:   June 1999    [Page 1]   [Page 2]

Former JAC Final Exams:


These exams are in a number of formats: the more recent exams are in pdf format, but earlier ones are gif, html, or ps files. Some users might have some problems with some formats, depending on how their browsers are configured.
Some people report problems with various browsers or pdf readers: in particular, some versions of the Firefox browser's internal pdf reader have display problems with some of these files. This is easily solved by reconfiguring Firefox, as explained here.