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Ph. D. Students


Thesis Area

Current Whereabouts

Marc-Hubert Nicole

Superspecial abelian varieties, Theta series and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence. (McGill Thesis, June 2005)


Institut de Mathmatiques de Luminy

Gabriel Chenevert

Exponential sums, hypersurfaces with many symmetries and Galois representations

Institut Sup\'erieur d'\'Electronique et du Num\'erique (IS\'EN), Lille

Andrew Fiori

 Topics in geometry of Shimura varieties of orthogonal type (tentative)

Ph.D. Student McGill

Dylan Attwell-Duval

Topics in geometry of Shimura varieties of orthogonal type (tentative)

Ph.D. Student McGill

Luiz Takei (co-supervised with H. Darmon)

Topics in the arithmetic of non-congruence subgroups

Ph.D. Student McGill

Bahare Mirza-Hossein (co-supervised with H. Darmon)

CM points on Shimura curves

Ph.D. Student McGill

Amy Cheung (co-supervised with J. Getz)

Stratifications of Shimura varieties

Ph.D. Student McGill



Masters Students 



Current Whereabouts

Marc-Hubert Nicole

The supersingular locus of Hilbert modular surfaces modulo p
(October 2000)


Matthew Greenberg

Constructing Elliptic Cohomology
(July 2002)

Assistant Professor,  U. Calgary.

Melisande Fortin-Boisvert

Cycles on the moduli space of hyperelliptic curves (January 2003)

NSERC Postdoctoral fellow.

Andrew Archibald

Intersection theory on surfaces (May 2003)

Ph.D. student,  McGill.

Kolhatkhar Ratnadha 
(with P. Russell)

Grassmann Varieties (September 2004)

Ph.D. student, U.Ottawa.

Daniel Vallieres

Class Invariants (October 2005)

Ph.D. student, UCSD

Yu Zhao

Forms of Smooth Projective Varieties

and Their Zeta Functions (August 2006)

Ph.D. Student, McGill.

Andrew Fiori

Special points on Orthogonal Symmetric Spaces (August 2009)

Ph.D. Student, McGill

Victoria de Quehen

Jacobi modular forms. (December 2010)


Dylan Attwell-Duval

Evaluating zeta functions of abelian number fields at negative integers (December 2009)

Ph.D. Student, McGill

Michael Musty

Did not complete program

High-School teacher, N.H.



Summer Students 



Current Whereabouts

Ioana Cosma

Counting points on curves over finite fields (2002)

Ph.D. student, Oxford.

Frederic Lalibert\'e

Sigma polynomial equations (2002)

Ph.D. student, Courant Institute

Timothy Rainone
(co-supervised with H. Kisilevsky, Concordia U.)

Elliptic curves (2002)

Ph.D. student, Texas A & M

Christelle Vincent 

Expanders and arithmetic geometry (2005)

Ph.D. Student, U. Wisconsin, Maddison.

Rosalie Belanger-Rioux

 Bipartite regular graphs (2007)

Ph.D. student, MIT.

Ioan Filip

 Independence of graphs (2007)

Ph.D. student, Columbia University.

Hua Long Gervais

 Computation of graphs arising from symplectic groups (2008)

Undergraduate student, McGill.

Matthew De Courcy - Ireland

Theta functions (2009).

Undergraduate student, McGill.

Maya Kaczorowski (Ind. study)

 Mathematical cryptography (2009)

Undergraduate student, McGill.

Francois Seguin

 Hash functions and graphs (2010)

Undergraduate student, McGill.