The First Montreal-Toronto Workshop in Number Theory.
September 4-5, 2010, CRM Montreal.
Organizers: Eyal Goren (McGill) and Steve Kudla (Toronto)

The First Montreal-Toronto Workshop is devoted to the arithmetic of  Shimura varieties of type O(2, n) that feature in Borcherds theory and where many advances have been made recently. The next meeting will take place in Toronto, April 9-10, 2011. Funding for these events is provided by the CRM and Fields Institutes.

The lectures will take place at the lecture hall on the 6-th floor of the CRM (Pavillon Andre Aisenstadt, room 6214). Here is a precise schedule.

Arrival of the Toronto delegation.
Informal discussions.

A series of presentations by graduate students and  colleagues, ending with a lecture by (our new postdoc) Fritz Hoermann.

9:30     Coffee and pastries at the lounge hall adjacent to the lecture hall
10:00   Hodge Structures - Dylan Attwell-Duval 

10:30   Hermitian Symmetric Spaces - Andrew Fiori
11:00   Shimura Varieties I - Patrick Walls
11:30    Break
11:45   Shimura Varieties II - Brian Smithling

12:30   Lunch Break

2:30     The Gross-Zagier Theorem on Singular Moduli - Bahareh Mirza
3:00     Jacobi forms - Victoria de Quehen
4:00     Theta Lift - Jayce Getz
4:30      Break
4:45      Borcherds' Results - Siddarth Sankaran
5:30      Fritz Hoermann - Arithmetic volumes of some Shimura varieties
6:30      Day ends - we go for dinner!
7:00      Dinner.

9:00       Coffee and pastries.
9:30       Eyal Goren - Recent developments arising from the Gross-Zagier Theorem on singular moduli
11:30     Steve Kudla - Generalizations of the Borcherds Lifts

13:00     End of Workshop