Quebec Group Theory Seminar

The seminar meets each Wednesday at 3:30pm in 920 Burnside Hall at 805 Sherbrooke West - McGill University.

Winter 2003:


Jan 22-  Alexander Borovik, (UMIST) “Black Box Groups and the Andrews-Curtis Conjecture”

Jan 29-  Dani Wise – “Sectional Curvature, Compact Cores, and local quasiconvexity”

Feb 5-   Olga Khalampovich – “Reflections on the subject of algebraic extensions of finitely generated residually free groups”

Feb 12-  Inna Bumagin – “On the coherence of coherent-by-cyclic groups”

Feb 19-  Dani Wise - “Honeycombs and tori in C(6) 2-complexes”

Feb 26-       study break

Mar 5-   Bogdan Nica “A guided tour to Kazhdan’s property-T”

Mar 12-       no seminar

Mar 19- Stuart Margolis (Bar Ilan) - "Some Surprising Undecidable Problems for

Finite Groups, Graphs and Other Finite Structures"

Mar 26- Tim Hsu (San Jose State) - Groups with infinitely many types of fixed subgroups

Apr 2 - Tadeusz Januszkiewicz (Wroclaw) – 6-systolic spaces: properties, constructions, applications”

Apr 9 - Lior Silberman (Princeton) – Gromov's Random Groups have Property (T)”

April 15 -  no seminar

Apr 23 - Olga Macedonska (Silesian Univ. of Technology, Gliwice, Poland) Locally graded groups and Positive laws”



Fall 2002:

Sept 11- Dani Wise “Nonpositive immersions, Local Indicability, and Coherent Groups”   
Sept 18- Alexei Myasnikov “Infinite Words in Group Theory”  

Oct 2-    Inna Bumagin “Every countable group is an outer automorphism group”

Oct 9-    Olga Kharlmapovich   “Infinite words and equations in groups”

Oct 30-  Inna Bumagin   “On the Delzant-Potyagailo hierarchy”

Nov 6-   Alexei Myasnikov – Algebraic extensions in free groups

Nov 13- Steve Boyer (UQAM) - "On Howie's proof of the Scott-Wiegold Conjecture".

Nov 20- Chris Hruska (U Chicago) - “Relative Hyperbolicity and Spaces with Isolated Flats”

Nov 27- Iosif Polterovich (U Montreal)     Trees, groups and asymptotic cones

Dec 4-   Frederic Haglund (Orsay) “Commensurability of lattices in buildings”


Recent activities:

August 4-9, 2002, Mini-course and Workshop "Elementary theory of free groups and related topics"
May 3-5, 2002, Group Theory Session in Spring AMS Meeting in Montreal
June-July 2001, Conference on Low-dimensional Geometry & Geometric Group Theory
March 2001, Solving Equations in Groups, Alexei Miasnikov (CCNY)

Fall 2001:

Nov 1, 2001 "Andrews-Curtis graphs of groups and random walks", Alexei Miasnikov (CCNY)
November 26, 2001 "Geometry of Polyhedra", Igor Rivin (Temple University)
Dec 7, 2001 "On Groups with Property T", Andrzej Zuk (University of Chicago)
Jan 15, 2002 "Ascending HNN extensions of polycyclic groups are residually finite",
                        Tim Hsu (San Jose State)

Nearby activities:

October 12-14, 2001, Albany group theory conference.