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Robert Seely has retired from John Abbott
For other information, etc. check his home page

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Other Links

*  My text for Liberal Arts course 360-124 (Maths & Logic)
*  rags' Calculus Resources page (lots of exercises and notes for Cal I, II, III)
*  Old Exams:  for Cal I, II, III,    for Alg & Fun,   and   Old exams from JAC webpage
*  Link to the home page for the Stewart textbook
*  Online resources for the Stewart textbook
*  Simple online Graph generator   &   Another: (free Desmos graph generator & Help page)
*  Interesting places on the web   &   Some books to read
*  A categorical description of the essential structure of differential calculus:
       my contribution for Research Day at John Abbott College, 17 April 2013.
       [The Original A0-size poster]
*  Do you think it's all MAGIC? Then take a look at this (Count the little folk! 12 or 13?)
       And here's a classic logic puzzle.
*  The Ultimate Maths Quiz (Are you ready for it??!)
*  Advice on anti-virus protection

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