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Robert Seely's Calculus (I, II, III) Materials Page

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Extra problems and question sets

*  The Dobson Files:

(Old Calculus exam questions, sorted into topics.
These make good review assignments, especially for cumulative review - eg. at exam time.)
Cal I & II  
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*  The rags Files (Practice Questions):

(Old Calculus test questions, sorted into course "units" to simulate class tests.
These are good question sets for studying for class tests. Well, at least for rags' class tests!)
Cal I  
Cal II  
Cal III (Assignments) 

*  Notes on various topics:

(These are notes on some topics to give short summaries of what was covered in class.)
Cal I  
Cal II  
Cal III  

*  Old exams

Old Exams (Cal I, II, III)  
Other old exams (from JAC webpage)

*  Other Links

Some books to read
Interesting places on the web
Advice on anti-virus protection

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