Slides of some lectures

E.R. Hedrick Lectures of the MAA, August 2003: Rational points on modular elliptic curves
Lecture 1: Elliptic curves
Lecture 2: Modular forms
Lecture 3: Hilbert's twelfth problem

Colloquium de l'Université Paris VI et VII, Chevaleret, Juin 2004.
Conférence Plénière, Congrès de la SMC et de la SMF, Toulouse, Juillet 2004.
Formes modulaires et équations diophantiennes

Colloquium, Yale, March 2004 and University of Maryland, April 2004.
Modular forms and diophantine equations

Conference in honor of Harold Stark's 65th Birthday, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 2004.
Stark-Heegner points attached to real quadratic fields

Conférence Québec-Maine, Université Laval, Octobre 2004.
Les points de Stark-Heegner: résultats et problèmes

Midwest Number Theory Conference, University of Chicago, October 2004.
Stark-Heegner points: a status report

Colloquium, McMaster University, April 2005.
The complexity of diophantine equations
dvi, ps, pdf.

Invited Lecture, Number Theory Section, ICM 2006, Madrid.
Heegner points, Stark-Heegner points, and values of L-series
dvi, ps, pdf.

Joint Brandeis-Harvard-MIT-Northeastern Colloquium, February 2008, Harvard.
Rational points on elliptic curves and cycles on Shimura varieties

Colloquium de Jussieu. Juin 2008, Chevaleret.
Cycles (algébriques) sur les variétés (de Shimura) et points rationnels sur les courbes elliptiques.

Lecture at the Conference "Number Theory and Representation Theory", in honor of Dick Gross's 60th Birthday. June 2010, Harvard.
Elliptic curves over real quadratic fields and the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture

Lecture at the Cambridge conference on the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, May 2011, Cambridge, UK.
Diagonal cycles and Euler systems for real quadratic fields.

Lecture at the LMS symposium on Automorphic forms and Galois representations, July 2011, Durham, UK.
A p-adic Gross-Zagier formula for Garrett triple product L-functions

Lecture at the BIRS conference on Cycles on modular varieties, November 2011, Banff, Alberta.
Diagonal cycles and Euler systems for real quadratic fields
A video recording of my presentation can be downloaded here.

Lecture at a conference on p-adic modular forms and arithmetic, June 2012, UCLA, California.
(in honor of Haruzo Hida's 60th birthday)
Hida's p-adic Rankin L-functions and syntomic regulators of Beilinson-Flach elements.

Lecture at a conference on Number Theory with a view towards transcendence and Diophantine approiximation,
marking Michel Waldschmidt's honorary degree at the University of Ottawa.
June 2013, University of Ottawa.
Stark-Heegner points.

Lecture at a conference at UCSD marking Harold Stark's retirement.
September 2013, San Diego.
p-adic iterated integrals, modular forms of weight one, and Stark-Heegner points.

Lecture at a conference at the CRM marking Ram Murty's 60th birthday.
October 2013, Montréal.
From p-adic to Artin representations: a story in three vignettes.