Christian Genest, PhD, FRSC
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
805, rue Sherbrooke ouest
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H3A 0B9

EMAIL: First_Name dot Family_Name at mcgill dot ca


BSc (1977) U. du Québec à Chicoutimi
MSc (1978) U. de Montréal
PhD (1983) U. of British Columbia

Research interests

Primary: Multivariate analysis, nonparametric statistics, extreme-value theory
Secondary: Applications in actuarial science, finance, and environmental sciences
Tertiary: History of statistics, scientometry

Main current responsibilities

Holder, Canada Research Chair in Stochastic Dependence Modeling

Associate Editor, Chilean Journal of Statistics (2019- )
Associate Editor, Examples and Counter-Examples (2020- )
Associate Editor, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (2018- )
Associate Editor, International Statistical Review (2014- )
Associate Editor, Journal of Multivariate Analysis (2019- )
Associate Editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association (2020- )
Associate Editor, Mathematical Reports of the Academy of Science (2016- )

Main awards and distinctions

Co-winner, Pierre Robillard Best Thesis Award, 1984

Elected Member, International Statistical Institute, 1992
Fellow, American Statistical Association, 1996
Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1997

First recipient, CRM-SSC Mid-Career Prize, 1999
26th Gold Medalist, Statistical Society of Canada, 2011

Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 2015

Humboldt Forschungspreis, 2019
Trottier Fellow, 2019-2021
John L. Synge Award, 2020

Publication record

305 publications, including 150 peer-reviewed research articles
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Training of highly qualified personnel

Completed: 51 MSc, 9 PhD, 12 postdocs
Current: 6 MSc, 1 PhD, 2 postdoc

Seminars and talks

333 talks and public lectures in 19 countries worldwide

Selected past responsibilities

President, Statistical Society of Canada, 2007-08
President, Association des statisticiennes et statisticiens du Québec, 2005-08

Director, Institut des sciences mathématiques du Québec, 2012-15

Editor-in-Chief, The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 1998-2000
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2015-19

Coordinator, CRM Thematic Program on Risk in Complex Systems, August-December 2017

Full CV available here