Portrait of Yi Yang 

Archer Yi Yang

PhD, University of Minnesota (2015, advisor: Hui Zou)
Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Associate Academic Member of Mila - Quebec AI Institute
Associate Member of the School of Computer Science
Member of the Quantitative Life Science Program
McGill University


Burnside Hall, Rm. 1241
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9, Canada
Email: archer.yang at mcgill dot ca
Tel: +1-514-398-2793

Research Interest

  • Statistical machine learning

  • High-dimensional statistics

  • Statistical computing

  • Biomedical/Biochemical data science

Research Opportunities

  • I have opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to assist with various research projects. You can email me if you are interested in applying for a research assistant position under my supervision at McGill. Please attach your transcripts and CV.

  • Applicants must have a reasonable background in coding with R, Python, etc, and should also be familiar with the theoretical aspects of statistics/machine learning/data science. The duration of the position is subject to discussion, but expected to be one/two years.

  • For Mila applicants: After submitting your supervision request to Mila, you must also complete a separate application process at McGill university. Please keep in mind that you will have to attend the university with which your advisor is affiliated. See here for details.

  • Visitors whose research interests closely align with mine are also welcome.