Here is a selection of various quilts Lis has made over the past years, and after "mine" (the Penrose Quilt and the Lute of Pythagoras), they are listed with newer ones first (a few old ones seem to be missing from our photo albums, sadly).
(The images link to larger pictures with better detail.)
A remark about colours

First: My favorites (two quilts Lis made for me):

The Penrose Quilt

The Lute of Pythagoras
In progress (pieced, not yet quilted):    

Shore Birds
Other quilts by Lis:    



Wolfie's Quilt

The Stargate

Mariners Compass

Sea Turtles

Poppies for Cindy

The Castle & the Sun (Klee)

Per ardua ad astra

A Touch of Purple (Für Élise)


Great Blue Heron

Sunshine & Laughter: Tori's Quilt


Winter sunshine

Koru forest

Whale Song
[ In situ] [ In situ]

Rainbow Stars

Let's Fly a Kite!

Hidden Treasures

Kia ora


Stella Elephas

Celebration - J

A Shield for Charlemagne

Celebration - L

[2 Celebrations?]

Good Morning Starshine

Cataloguing Blues

Rachelle's Quilt


Aussie animals (+cat)

(And Kitten on the Keys)

The Eye of the Storm

Quilts and Cats (3)

And More

Quilts and Cats (2)

Quilts and Cats (1)

By Alix


A Japanese theme


Roses for Jane

Bears in the Wood

The first quilt

Lis has also made many quilt-cards, usually for friends, often cloth, pieced and glued on cardboard, sometimes a "proper" quilt, but smaller than is usual.
The "Patchwork design" and "2 Cards" are 3 examples of the "cloth on paper" type, the "Purple and red..." is a "proper" (but small!) quilt.

A patchwork design

[Enlarged print]

2 Cards

Purple and red don't go