Algebra & Functions (Winter 2017)


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(Use your student number as username and password the first time you log in, and change your password immediately. Let me know of any problems, including trouble with login.)


* Practice Assignments and Tests

If you are having trouble with certain ideas or techniques in the course, you can (in addition to asking me) look for on-line help, so you can review topics at your own pace. There are many websites (google "learning basic algebra" for example); here's one to start with.


Practice Tests

Review In-class Assignments

These questions all come from old final exams - they are a partly-but-not-entirely-random selection - and you may find the answers on-line in my "old final exams" webpage.
We'll do (some of) these problems in class, one sheet per day, as preparation for the final make-up quizzes and for the final exam. They are intended to give a rough review of the course - but look at full old final exams to be sure you don't miss anything!
There will be three short "make-up quizzes" - each one is based on the type of questions in the corresponding review assignment, numbers 1 to 3.


* Test (and Quiz) Answers