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Department of Mathematics, McGill University
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Foundations of Mathematics Seminar


Held in : Departement de philosophie, Universite de Montreal


News (continuously updated)


ASL 2003, Chicago talk: copies of slides


ASL 2003, Chicago talk: (some) text


A new foundation for abstract mathematics I : FOM posting, June 22, 2003


A new foundation for abstract mathematics II : FOM posting, July 18, 2003


On Structuralism in Mathematics (1999)


Notes (October 13)

Notes (October 27)

The Saskatoon Notes

Four items on omega-categories

      Item 1

      Item 2

      Item 3

      Item 4


Two pages from Plato’s Phaedrus

The next five are posted March 17, 2011:

          1. The syntax of FOLDS from scratch (copies of slides).


          2.  Syntax and semantics of FOLDS (extract (section 8) from paper M.M., Towards a Categorical Foundation of Mathematics, Logic Colloquium 95, Springer Lecture Notes in Logic no. 11, pp. 153-190).


          3. The invariance theorem purely algebraically [hard to understand without instructions] (copies of slides)


          4. Alternative definition of anafunctor (copies of slides).


          5. FOLDS for anafunctors


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