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          Ming Mei (  )

Adjunct Professor                              Tenured Full-Time Professor


Department of Mathematics and Statistics                     Department of Mathematics
McGill University                                                          Champlain College -- Saint-Lambert
805 Sherbrook Street West  
                                         900 Rue Riverside,
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2K6                                          St.-Lambert, Quebec, J4P 3P2
Canada                                                                        Canada

Office: E-214 (Champlain)
Phone: +1(450) 672-7360 ext. 278826 (Champlain)
Fax: +1(514)398-3899(McGill), +1(450)672-9299(Champlain)
E-mail: ming.mei@mcgill.ca, or mmei@champlaincollege.qc.ca
Web Site: www.math.mcgill.ca/mei/ (you are already here)


Ph.D.,  Kanazawa University (金沢大学), Japan, 1996.

Collaborative Professor, Kanazawa University, Japan (日本金沢大学合作教授) 


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