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Category Theory OctoberFest

Concordia University, Montreal
Saturday - Sunday, October 27 - 28, 2012

Update: The meeting is now over, but this page will remain for reference.
Timetable and abstracts

We invite you to join us in Montreal next October for a weekend meeting in Category Theory, the "not-quite-annual" OctoberFest. As has been the tradition with these meetings, we invite talks from all participants. If you wish to give a talk, send your request along with a short abstract (well before mid-October please) to Robert Seely at the address below. The final schedule of talks will be handed out at the meeting, but a tentative schedule is available now.

Please note that any correspondance should be sent to Michael Barr from now on, rather than Robert Seely. Thanks

Please let us know if you intend to join us by sending a short email (before mid-October if possible) to Robert Seely.


We will meet in Concordia's Faubourg building on Saturday morning, October 27th. The FG building is located at 1616 St. Catherine W., corner of St Mathieu ("FG" on the campus map).
Lectures will be in room FGB040 in the basement of the FG building. To access this, the easiest way is via the Ste Catherine St entrance opposite Pierce St, then go two floors down.
Check this map for more explicit instructions, and we'll post signs to help on the day.
Coffee will be available from 8:30 am. The first talk will be at 9:15.

Information re parking

Concordia has an indoor parking garage in the LB (Library) building, 1436 Mackay, near the site of the talks - the daily rate on weekends is about $6.


There will be a registration fee ($20, gratis for students, who should apply for funding in fact) to cover refreshments and sundries. Registration will take place during Saturday morning, before the first talk and during the first coffee break.

Local Information

Below you will find a list of hotels and tourist rooms close to Concordia. We've provided links to those that ought to be the most suitable. Please note that October is a popular month for visiting Montreal, and early booking is recommended.
I have added some links in the hotels and tourist rooms section to budget accomodation, which might be suitable for some attendees.
If you have any further questions, please contact one of us.


In June this past summer, Basil Rattray died at the age of 84. Many in the categorical community will remember Basil, particularly for his work in category theory with Jim Lambek. In his memory, his wife Samaa has generously donated a sum of money to support students attending the Categorical Octoberfest, being held at Concordia, 27-28 October 2012. It is our intention to divide this sum between students attending the meeting, proportional to their expenses. So, any grad student who is planning to attend and would like support should write Robert Seely (by Oct 25 please) and make a request. We may or may not be able to help with travel expenses, but we should be able to pay for local hotel bills, although everything depends on how many applicants there are. Participants will have to submit original bills to be reimbursed. Sorry, but it will be impossible to provide money beforehand.


It can be warm, cold, wet, dry ... anything is possible in October (including snow). We suggest you check the forcast for Montreal:
Environment Canada   the Weather Network


Map of the Concordia campus area
General map of the area around Concordia
The Faubourg building (where the talks are to be held)


(Mention you are visiting Concordia University for possible discounts)


Tourist Rooms:

(Prices vary depending on choice of single/double room, private/shared bathroom.) *15 minute walk from Concordia
**30 minute walk from Concordia
***45 minute walk from Concordia
(Note that using the Metro or bus makes the trip shorter)

Budget accomodation


Michael Barr [barr@math.mcgill.ca]
Robert Raphael [raphael@alcor.concordia.ca]
Robert Seely [rags@math.mcgill.ca]