I was born and grew up in Xi'an, China. I am currently pursuing my graduate studies in discrete mathematics.

I go by Sun (IPA: [sun] or [sʊn] ) among English and French speakers.

My favourite mathematical areas are graph theory and combinatorics, abstract algebra, and probability; I also enjoy theoretical computer science, mostly algorithms, and computability and complexity theory.

During these years, I had the wonderful opportunity sitting in classes outside my program of study. If you like to learn about random interesting stuffs, I recommend these easily accessible classes: The Milky Way Inside and Out (a lot of beautiful pictures of galaxies), Greek Mythology (listening to stories), and Phonetics (uncommon sounds of speech and dialectal variations). Most foreign language classes are quite fun too.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, card and board games, music, computational linguistics, puzzles, and juggling.

Here's a set of course notes for MATH 318 Mathematical Logic: Class Notes.

Here are the slides of my talk on language models at SUMM 2015: Slides .


Double-stars. In case you wonder what this means.