About the Directed Reading Program

The McGill Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs interested undergraduate students with graduate student mentors for weekly 1-on-1 meetings, so as to learn about research-level or research-aimed topics in mathematics and statistics in a casual setting. In this way, undergraduates can obtain guidance from someone who is further along the research path but can still relate to them as a peer.

The structure of each mentorship is up to the graduate and undergraduate student, but one hour-long meeting a week is suggested. Each undergraduate student should aim to write an expository paper about their project by the end of the term, with the help of their mentor. The papers will be reviewed and then posted on this website.

Also, at the end of the term, students can optionally present the results of their work at the DRP talks. There will be free food!

The idea for the DRP comes from the original program of the same name at the University of Chicago math department.

Questions or concerns? Graduate student interested in volunteering? Send an email.


We will hold an orientation on Wednesday Nov 22 2023 at 5:30pm in BURN 1214 for an introduction to what the DRP is, how to choose projects and any other questions you might have.


Applications for McGill's Winter 2024 Directed Reading Program are now open. Have a look at our list of mentors for this year and apply through this link by December 11th 2023.

If you were previously involved in the program and want to give feedback, a form is here.

Application is open to all undergraduate students in math and related fields who have interest in graduate school and research, possessing at least a little mathematical background (in general, a minimum of a one-year calculus sequence or equivalent is suggested, as well as some exposure to specific potential topics of interest). Students from math-adjacent areas like computer science and physics are encouraged to apply if they have interests in the intersection of the fields. The ability to commit some time to the project, of course, should also be considered.

If accepted, you will be paired with a mentor, and you will choose your topic/project together.

Past projects

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Winter 2022

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