Canadian Number Theory Association,
VII Meeting
May 19-25, 2002, Montreal.

The next meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association, CNTA VII, will be held in Montréal, Québec, Canada, during the week of May 19-25, 2002. It will take place at the Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (CRM) on the campus of the Universite de Montreal (UdeM).

The Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA) was founded in 1987 at the International Number Theory Conference at Laval University. The purpose of the CNTA is to enhance and promote learning and research in Number Theory, particularly in Canada. To advance these goals the CNTA organizes major international conferences, with the aim of exposing Canadian students and researchers to the latest developments in number theory world wide. The previous meetings have been held in Banff (1988), Vancouver (1989), Kingston (1991), Halifax (1994), Ottawa (1996) and Winnipeg (1999). These have been high quality conferences which have had wide participation of the international number theory community.

This year the CNTA VII conference will be immediately preceded by a three week workshop on Langlands Programme for Function Fields at the CRM.

Note: Lectures start on May 19 and end on  May 25.
Note: There is limited financial support available to students and postdocs. Contact Goren for details.
Note: There will be a Student Session on Friday. Students interested in contributing a talk should indicate it when submitting an abstract.

Registration and Submission of Abstract (We still accept abstracts. Decisions as to acceptance are already being made)
Conference information (travel, accommodations, location, contact)
Conference Schedule

Speakers include:
M. Bennett (Urbana-Champaign) S.  Edixhoven (Rennes) C. Pomerance (Bell Labs) 
A. Besser (Ben-Gurion) J. Friedlander (Toronto) B. Poonen (Berkeley)
M. Bhargava (Princeton) D. Goss (Ohio State) C. Popescu (Johns Hopkins)
J. Borwein (Simon Fraser) A. Granville (Georgia) R. Ramakrishna (Cornell)
D. Boyd (UBC) A. Iovita (Washington) M. Rapoport (Koln)
D. Brownawell (Penn. State) C. Khare (Utah) Z. Rudnick (Tel-Aviv)
Y. Bugeaud (Strasbourg I) H. Kim (Toronto) K. Soundararajan (Michigan)
D. Burns (King's College) J. Lagarias (AT&T Labs) W. Stein (Harvard)
I. Chen (Simon Fraser) M. Laurent (Luminy, CNRS) C. Stewart (Waterloo)
H. Cohen (Bordeaux) G. Martin (UBC) V. Vatsal (UBC)
B. Conrad (Michigan) W. McCallum (Arizona) D. Wan (UC Irvine)
C. Consani (Toronto) D. McKinnon (Waterloo) A. Weiss (Alberta)
J. Cremona (Nottingham) K. Murty (Toronto) T. Wooley (Michigan)
H. Darmon (McGill) R. Murty (Queen's)
C. Deninger (Munster) K. Ono (Wisconsin)
W. Duke (UCLA) G. Pappas (Michigan State)
R. Dvornicich (Pisa)

Conference organizers: Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia) and Eyal Z. Goren (McGill).
Conference administration: Louis Pelletier (CRM)

Session organizers:
M. Kolster (McMaster): Algebraic Number Theory G. Walsh (Ottawa): Computational Number Theory
K. S. Williams (Carleton): Analytic Number Theory D. Roy (Ottawa): Diophantine Analysis and Approximation 
E. Z. Goren (McGill): Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry