Canadian Number Theory Association,
VII Meeting
May 19-25, 2002, Montreal.

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Conference Schedule
Dates: May 19-25, 2002. Lectures start on  May 19 and end on May 25.
Location:  CRM (Centre de Recherches Mathematiques), Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Registration fee: $230 grant holders, $120 non-grant holders and post-doc's[*] , $80 students[*]
Conference Schedule
(except on Sun-Tue-Sat)
Plenary Lectures P. Principal E-310 9:00-12:00
Lunch Break 12:00-13:30
Invited speakers (2 parallel sessions) P. Principal N-515, N-615 13:30-15:30
Break 15:30-16:00
Contributed talks (5 parallel sessions) P. Principal N-515, N-615, S-142, S-144, Y-117 16:00-17:30
Conference Organizers H. Kisilevsky ( and E. Z. Goren (
Session Organizers
Algebraic Number Theory M. Kolster, McMaster ( P. Principal N-515
Analytic Number Theory K. S. Williams, Carleton ( P. Principal S-142
Aritmetic Algebraic Geometry E. Z. Goren ( P. Principal N-615
Computational Number Theory G. Walsh, Ottawa ( P. Principal Y-117
Diophantine Analysis and Approximation D. Roy, Ottawa ( P. Principal S-144


Conference day-by-day schedule:
Sunday (May 19)
Monday (May 20)
Tuesday  (May 21)
Wednesday (May 22)
Thursday (May 23)
Friday (May 24)
Saturday (May 25)

(*) Pending on available funds. Early registration is recomended.