Thomas Fox
mathematician and singer

Thomas Fox is a mathematician living in Montréal, Canada. He teaches at Dawson College and does research at McGill University. Fox obtained his BA from Oakland University, where he learned abstract algebra from the late John Froemke. He moved to Montréal and obtained his PhD under the direction of Michael Barr at McGill. His research interests include homological algebra, deformation theory, quantum groups, coalgebras, and general category theory, and his recent math papers are available by ftp.

Fox is also a classical singer with a rich bass voice. He was taught to sing by his family in Detroit (both his father and grandmother were professional singers), and between the ages of eight and twenty-one he sang in community choirs, school choirs, and church choirs as a chorister and soloist. He attended the Meadowbrook Summer Music School directed by Robert Shaw before turning to mathematics as a profession. In recent years he has sung with the Yellow Door Choir and as a guest with other Montreal choirs, and has given public recitals in Canada and the United States. His repetoire includes operatic duets and solos in English, Italian, French, and Russian, as well as spirituals and American standards.

Fox is married to the resplendent Giovanna Carnevale, an artist and teacher. Besides music, his hobbies are film and the game of GO. As well, his letters to the editor have frequently appeared in the Montreal Gazette. Most concern human rights, the presentation of history, or the teaching of mathematics.

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