Anush Tserunyan

Անուշ Ծերունյան

A picture of me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics & Statistics Department at McGill University. I am a member of the Analysis lab at Centre de Recherches Mathématiques and of the Geometric Group Theory research group at McGill. I run the Descriptive Dynamics and Combinatorics seminar together with Ruiyuan Chen and Marcin Sabok.

I am also a founder of Yerevan Center of Mathematical Sciences and an organizer of the Yerevan Mathematics Colloquium.

CV [last update: May 24, 2021]

Contact Information

Office: 915 Burnside Hall
Address: McGill University
Mathematics & Statistics Department
805 Sherbrooke St W, #1005
Montreal, QC, H3A 2K6

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