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COURSE NO.: 360-124-AB PONDERATION: 3-2-3 (2-2/3 credits)
INSTRUCTOR: Robert Seely OFFICE: H226, 457-6610 Ext. 5865
SEMESTER: Fall, 2017 Office Hours and Course Schedule
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The purpose of this course in the Liberal Arts program is to demonstrate the nature of formal reasoning in general and mathematical reasoning in particular. The course aims to demonstrate the elegance, beauty, and power of logic and mathematics. With respect to the objectives of the Liberal Arts program, this course aims to develop "Critical Thought and Reflection", with its two specific objectives: "Recognition of how knowledge is organized, how it is divided into disciplines in the fields of social science, science, logic, mathematics, arts, and letters; and its limits" and "Recognition, assessment, criticism, and formulation of valid arguments in these disciplines".

OBJECTIVES    Students should be able to:



METHODS   At least two (usually three) lectures each week will be devoted to articulating and discussing the concepts and demonstrating the methods of logic and mathematics. Some two-hour "labs" will be spent constructing arguments and proofs and solving problems.

ATTENDANCE    Attendance at all classes is mandatory. Students who miss more than 10 hours of classes ( i.e. roughly two weeks of the semester) for any reason should not expect to pass the course. Doctors' notes or other evidence of serious reasons for absence are not a substitute for attendance.

EVALUATION    Grades will be based on:

COURSE COSTS:    About $25 for the text.

AVAILABILITY    To get help, students may call me at 457-6610 (Ext. 5865) (my office, where you can leave a "voice-mail" message) or email me at My office is in Herzberg (main Maths Study Area).

NOTE: Cheating and Plagiarism are unacceptable to John Abbott College. For more information on Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities consult the IPESA.

Grade review: It is the responsibility of students to keep all assessed material for at least one month past the grade review deadline in the event that they would want to request a grade review. Students can learn more about their rights and responsibilities by reading the IPESA.

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