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Cal I test dates

There will be three tests in class, on the following dates [subject to change]:

  1. 21-22 Sept 2017
  2. 26-27 Oct 2017
  3. 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2017
Each test is worth 25% towards the term mark.
In addition there will be in-class quizzes and homework assignments (including WeBWorK) worth 25% towards the term mark.

Maths & Logic test dates

There will be five tests in class, on the following dates:

  1. 8 Sept 17
  2. 29 Sept 17
  3. 20 Oct 17
  4. 10 Nov 17
  5. 1 Dec 17
The test getting the lowest mark will count toward 10% of the final grade, and the others will each count toward 20% of the final grade. The remaining 10% is for class participation.

Absence and other policies

If there is a class cancellation on the day of a test, you ought to expect that it will be held on the next possible day, unless I have announced otherwise.

If you have to miss a test, let me know as soon as possible (leave me a message by phone, send me an email, or otherwise inform me of the circumstances at the earliest possible moment). If you know ahead of time, we may be able to arrange an alternate schedule; if that is impossible, let me know when you will be back at college (for the same reason). Do not just show up to class after the test without having been in touch, expecting me to arrange things for you at that time!

The Maths Dept attendance policy is in effect: excessive absence (without suitable justification) (for example, 6 missed classes) may result in automatic failure. I will enforce this regulation with some flexibility: however I do recommend that you attend all classes, and if you expect to miss a class, please tell me ahead of time if possible. Otherwise, let me know why you missed a class as soon as possible. In any case, you are responsible for covering missed classes, regardless of the reasons for missing the classes.

Students who wish to observe religious holidays must inform me of their intent, in writing, within the first two weeks of the semester.

The use of cell phones in class is strictly forbidden - be sure to put your phone away, especially during tests (where the use of a cell phone could be interpreted as cheating). If you wish to use a laptop or other electronic device in class, clear it with me beforehand. Such use will not be allowed during tests, of course.


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