Mikael Pichot

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University
805, Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 2K6

Burnside Hall 925
(514) 398 3810
Next Fall (2014) and during the Winter 2015 semester, I will be teaching Math134 and the Math570/Math571 sequence (Higher Algebra I and Higher Algebra II).
Here are a few recent publications:
    [pdf] Aut(F2) puzzles (with Sylvain Barre)

    [pdf] Universal entropy invariants (with Robert Graham)

    [pdf] Random groups and nonarchimedean lattices (with Sylvain Barre)

    [pdf] A free product formula for the sofic dimension (with Robert Graham)

    [pdf] La propriete de decroissance rapide pour le groupe de Wise (with Sylvain Barre)

    [pdf] An exotic group with the Haagerup property (with Sylvain Barre)

    [pdf] Sofic dimension for measure groupoids (with Ken Dykema and David Kerr)

    [pdf] Orbit equivalence and sofic approximation (with Ken Dykema and David Kerr)
For older papers, please see here.