• Worsley, K.J., Liao, C., Aston, J., Petre, V., Duncan, G.H., Morales, F., Evans, A.C. (2002). A general statistical analysis for fMRI data. NeuroImage, 15:1:15.


    We propose a method for the statistical analysis of fMRI data that seeks a compromise between efficiency, generality, validity, simplicity and execution speed. The main differences between this analysis and previous ones are: a simple bias reduction and regularization for voxel-wise autoregressive model parameters; the combination of effects and their estimated standard deviations across different scans/sessions/subjects via a hierarchical random effects analysis using the EM algorithm; overcoming the problem of a small number of scans/session/subjects using a regularized variance ratio to increase the degrees of freedom.

    MATLAB code and a complete worked example