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189-457B: Honors Algebra 4


The weekly assignments are an essential part of the course. You should plan to devote at least ten hours a week (and quite possibly more) to the assignments.
If you are stuck on a problem, you may seek out the help of a TA, the professor, or one of your classmates. It is OK to work on the assignments in groups, although you should hand them in individually. Do not neglect the assignments: experience shows there is a strong correlation between the work you put into them and how much you learn in the course, which will certainly be reflected in your exam performance.
The assignments are normally due on Wednesdays and will be graded and returned to you on the Monday of the following week. Late assignments will not be accepted.

  1. Assignment 1 (pdf). Due: Wednesday, Jan. 25.

  2. Assignment 2 (pdf). Due: Wednesday, Feb. 8.

  3. Assignment 3 (pdf). Due: Friday, Feb. 24.
    Partial solutions to assignment 3.

  4. Assignment 4 (pdf). Due: Wednesday, March 22.

  5. Assignment 5 (pdf). Due: Wednesday, April 5.

  6. Assignment 6 (Practice Final). (pdf).