Bellairs Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory

March 22nd - March 29th, 2009. Bellairs Research Institute, Barbados

The workshop will be devoted Algorithmic Game Theory and related topics. The focus will be on
promoting discussions that can hopefully lead workshop participants to collaborative work.
The workshop will have about 25 to 30 participants, including a number of current PhD students.
Accommodation at Bellairs is spartan (usually two to a room) at a modest daily rate.
Sunday, March 22nd, is the arrival day, with a full program scheduled for Monday to Friday.
Participants will depart on either Saturday or Sunday. The Bellairs Research Institute is only
metres from the beautiful west coast beaches of the island. Here are some photos of the Institute.

Location: The workshop takes place at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados. The airport is on
the south-east point of the island and Bellairs is on the west side (about a 30 minute taxi drive).
Here is a map of Barbados.

Schedule: The workshop schedule is here .

Room Assignments: The room assignments are here.

Participants: Elliot Anshelevich, Chandra Chekuri, Vincent Conitzer, Costis Daskalakis, Lisa Fleischer,
Gagan Goel, Anupam Gupta, Jason Hartline, Nicole Immorlica, George Karakostas, Kate Larson, Nimrod Megiddo, Neil Olver,
Christos Papadimitriou, Luis Rademacher, Tim Roughgarden, Amin Saberi, Rahul Savani, Bruce Shepherd,
Nicolas Sonnerat, Eva Tardos, Nithum Thain, Adrian Vetta, Bernhard von Stengel, Vijay Vazirani and Gordon Wilfong.

Directions: Tell the taxi drivers to take you to Bellairs Research Centre in Holetown.
Holetown is on the main street - you can't really miss it. The taxi ride should cost about $40 U.S.
There are buses but one must first travel to Bridgetown (the capital) and transfer to another line.

Some things to know: Barbados is safe and one shouldn't worry about travelling
alone. US currency is freely accepted at 2 Barbadian dollars per US dollar. Other
currencies (Pound sterling, Canadian dollars) are not accepted; you will have to change
them at banks or at the airport.  People had trouble using their bank cards from
Europe, but Canadian and US cards seem to work fine. Note that some of the better restaurants
in the area do require long trousers in the evenings (swim attire is not accepted).
Also, there are several computers (and one printer) at Bellairs for people to read e-mail.
There is wireless hookup for laptops so you can bring your own laptop. There is a small
fee for using the computers or using the line with a laptop to connect to the internet.

Accommodation: Reservations are already made. You pay Bellairs directly
during the workshop. The cost of a room is around $40 US per day per person.
Breakfast is provided. We tend to buy lunch at local restaurants
or at the shopping centre 10 minutes walk from the Institute. The cook prepares dinner
(6pm sharp) for approximately $20 U.S. The accomodations are of the level of student
dormitories, please do not expect the level of the (very expensive) hotels on either side of
the institute. We can of course expect the mathematics and scenery to be at a very high level.
If you snore considerably, please let us know in advance. It helps when making the
room assignments. Trust us, we have experience (famous last words of one colleague:
"I'm determined to teach myself to embrace this").

A lot more information can be found at the website of Godfried Toussaint.
Here is his workshop info package.

For more information please contact the organizers: Adrian Vetta (
or Bruce Shepherd (