Category Theory Octoberfest
Concordia University, Montreal
Saturday - Sunday, October 4 - 5, 2008

Schedule of Talks
Room FGB040 (Faubourg building)

Saturday, 4 October - morning session
9:15-9:45 M Makkai Revisiting the coherence theory for bicategories and tricategories
9:45-10:15 V HarnikPlaced Composition in Higher Dimensional Categories
coffee break
10:45-11:15 W Tholen Towards an enriched understanding of Hausdorff and Gromov metrics
11:15-11:45 D Pronk Translation groupoids and orbifold homotopy theory
11:45-12:15 M Warren Types and groupoids
afternoon session, in honour of P.J. Scott
2:00-2:30 P Hofstra From poset to quantifier
2:30-3:00 R Cockett Differentiation, linear matters, and other discussions from the Green Door
3:00-3:30 J Lambek In praise of quaternions
coffee break
4:00-4:30 B Redmond Safe recursion revisited
4:30-4:50 J Morton 2-Vector Spaces and Finite Groupoids
4:50-5:10 T Kusalik The Continuum Hypothesis in topos theory and algebraic set theory
5:10-5:30 R Lucyshyn-Wright Domains as Algebras of a Lax Monad: Towards an Integrated Lax-Algebraic Presentation of Domain-Theoretic Topology
5:30-6:00 G Lukacs A cartesian closed category that might be useful for higher-type computation
6:00-6:05 M Barr Announcement of a result concerning the duality of $Z$-groups
free evening
Sunday, 5 October
9:00-9:30 N Yanofsky On the algorithmic informational content of categories
9:30-10:00 S Niefield Par-valued lax functors and exponentiability
10:00-10:30 A Joyal On sifted colimits and bicompact objects
coffee break
11:00-11:30 G Seal Kock-Zöberlein monads from monads on SET
11:30-12:00 C Hermida Coherence for Lax and Pseudo-algebras revisited: Universality
12:00-12:30 J Kennison Spectra for Symbolic Dynamics
12:30-1:00 P Freyd TBA