Software I cannot do without

Here is a short list of some really useful software (for Windows - I have used these under Win 98, NT, 2K, XP, Vista, Win7, 8.1, and (for most) 10).
The top ones I use every day (2020 and counting!), and have done for about 25 years or more.

4NT   JPSoft's 4DOS, 4NT, TakeCommand. (These make the "command line" a pleasure.)

TSE   The Semware Editor (Who needs a word processor?)
(And to spell check your documents, try MicroSpell - there is no spellchecker nearly as efficient IMHO.)

TeX   TEX (Type processing the way it's meant to be. Word-processors are stupid and inefficient)  [LaTeX is pretty cool.]

TeraTerm   TeraTerm (A really smart ssh/telnet program.)   PuTTY is also excellent

Opera   Opera (The fastest, best web browser available - beats Internet Explorer.)
   If you're nostalgic for Netscape, give Mozilla or FireFox a try - or if Google's your friend, try Chrome.
(There are now oodles of fast/small/flexible/what-you-want browsers available - and the list grows regularly. Google for more options!)

Info-Zip   Info-Zip (Zip and Unzip for all "platforms" - used so often you tend to forget you have it after a while!)

IrfanView   IrfanView32 (General purpose graphics utility - one of the best, and it's free.)

Get VLC media player   VLC (General media player - better than WiMP!)

MailWasher   MailWasher (A powerful email checker with effective spam elimination.)

Core   Core FTP (lite) (A simple convenient way to ftp files.)
For fellow command-line fans: Currently I use PuTTY psftp; in the past I've used NcFTP - they are excellent (though an sftp client, like the PuTTY one, is best these days).

KeyText   KeyText (Keyboard macro program to automate Windows tasks.)


Some older programs (I don't use them under later versions of Windows):

Proxomitron   Proxomitron (Kill those annoying ads when you are browsing the web.)

Leech   Leech FTP - no longer supported by its author, but still an excellent program. Another oldie: Free WS_FTP (the current version is no longer free, but this older version is.)

Xnews   XNews (A free but excellent news reader.)

World Time   World Time (Keep track of time in different time zones, alarms, stopwatch, ... - if it is about time, this is your program.) [Get the current "stable" version here!]
Post Windows8 I've used the free versions of Qlock, or NTP time zone clock, or ClocX
(For a while I used a "lighter" program, ClockRack, that does less, but still gives you different timezones; the "current version" is 2.1, I think, but I've not tried it.)

UCalc   UCalc (A small scientific calculator and graph plotting program - fast and useful.)

The following are now obsolete:

Magellan   Magellan Explorer (A file manager that illustrates what "My Computer" really should be!)

PaneKiller   PaneKiller (A replacement for the Start menu on the Windows taskbar.)

Desktop Manager   Desktop Manager (Give yourself 4 or more desktops, each with its own display settings.)
No longer exists!

DUNMon   DialUp Networking Monitor (See your dialup stats and monitor your connection.) (Can anyone remember using dialup?!)
No longer exists!

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