Category Theory Octoberfest

McGill University, Montreal
Saturday - Sunday, October 16 - 17, 2004

Proposed Schedule of Talks
Room 1B45 (Burnside Hall basement)

Saturday, 16 October - morning session
9:00 M BarrRemarks on the occasion of M Makkai's 65th birthday
9:05-9:35 M Makkai The potential foundational significance of omega-categories, strict and weak
9:40-10:10 M Weber Braided and symmetric higher operads
coffee break
10:45-11:15 N Gambino Generalised species of structures
11:20-11:50 J Kock Weak units and realisation of homotopy 3-types
12:00-12:30 R Wood Indexing specializes to both variation and enrichment
lunch break
afternoon session
1:30-1:55 É Paquette Towards A Categorical Semantics For Topological Quantum Computing
2:00-2:25 B Valiron A Functional Programming Language for Quantum Computation with Classical Control  
2:35-3:00 G Beaulieu Factorizing the Monad for Mixed Choice
3:05-3:30 J Egger Linear distributivity and the Frobenius condition
coffee break
4:00-4:25 H Forssell Algebraic Models of Intuitionist Theories of Sets and Classes
4:30-4:55 M Warren Algebraic Set Theory: Predicativity
5:00-5:25 W Boshuck Remarks on higher dimensional logic
5:30-6:00 P Freyd Algebraic Real Analysis: Progress Report
social evening
Sunday, 17 October
9:00-9:30 M Barr Absolute CR-epic spaces
9:35-10:05 J Lambek Free Compact 2-categories
coffee break
10:40-11:10 J Funk Purely Skeletal Geometric Morphisms
11:15-11:45 P Selinger The CPM construction
11:50-12:20 R Cockett Manifolds, Orbifolds, and beyond
12:30-1:00 P Freyd Core Algebra: The Completeness Proof

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