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A Logical View of Concurrent Constraint Programming

by Nax Paul Mendler, Prakash Panangaden, P.J. Scott, R.A.G. Seely

The Concurrent Constraint Programming paradigm has been the subject of growing interest as the focus of a new paradigm for concurrent computation. Like logic programming it claims close relations to logic. In fact these languages _are_ logics in a certain sense that we make precise in this paper. In recent work it was shown that the denotational semantics of determinate concurrent constraint programming languages forms a categorical structure called a hyperdoctrine, which is used as the basis of the categorical formulation of first order logic. What this connection shows is the combinators of determinate concurrent constraint programming can be viewed as logical connectives. In the present work we extend these ideas to the operational semantics of these languages and thus make available similar analogies for a much broader variety of languages including the indeterminate concurrent constraint programming languages and concurrent block-structured imperative languages.

In the same directory you will find the earlier paper dealing with the denotational semantics (psss*). This paper has appeared: P. Panangaden, V. Saraswat, P. J. Scott, R. A. G. Seely, A Hyperdoctrinal View of Concurrent Constraint Programming, in J.W. de Bakkee et al, eds. Semantics: Foundations and Applications; Proceedings of REX Workshop, Beekbergen, The Netherlands, June 1992. Springer Lecture Notes in Comp. Science, 666 (1993) pp. 457 -- 476.