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The Meaning of Ming Mei:
In Chinese,  Ming (茗) = Tea (茶) and Mei (梅)= Plum (梅花), so Ming Mei means Plum Tea. The most famous green tea in China called  West Lake Longjin Tea (西湖龙井) is made by the Mei Fu Mansion Tea Company (梅府茗家) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. There is also a tea named "Ming Mei", which is produced in my hometown--Jiangxi Province, China, and is recognized as one of the 30 most famous teas in China. Production of Ming Mei is very limited, as only tender tips and buds are picked by hand and then processed. For a detailed introduction, please see Stash Organic Ming Mei Green Tea (a U. S. tea company's website).  

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