Math 438: Partial Differential Equations II
Winter Term 2000-2001

by Dr. Ming Mei


HOMEWORK: There will be half-monthly (two-weekly) assignments to be handed out on Tuseday in classroom. Late assignments are not graded.

GENERAL COURSE DESCRIPTION: The principal purpose of this course is to provide an intermediate level discussion of partial differential equations. It is assumed that the student has mastered the material in Mathematics 436 or its equivalent.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Basically, the course covers Chapter 5 through to Chapter 7 in Zauderer. Namely, we are going to study the transforms (Fourier, Hankel and Laplace) and asymptotic approximation; discontinuous solutions, point source and fundamental solutions; and eigenfanctions and Green's functions. Of particular note we are interested in developing an introduction to nonlinear pdes.

GRADING: Assignments (20%), Midterm (30%) and Final Examination (50%).