MAST 208

Fundamental Mathematics I


Instructor: Dr. Ming Mei
Office: S-LB 541-1
Phone: 848-3236
E-Mail: (or
Web Site:
Office Hours: 13:30-14:30 on Wednesday, or by appointment or just stop by
Class Room: SGW-HB-439
Class Hours: Wednesday 20:30--22:45

Course Examiner: Dr. A. keviczky, 848-3225, LB 520-4, E-mail:

This course is for students who study business, economics, life science and social sciences. Elementary Functions, Mathematics in Finance, Basic Linear Algebra, Linear Programming and Probability will be introduced.

Barnett, Ziegler and Byleen, Finite Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 9th Edition.


This is a 3 credit course, in which you will study:
Section 1.3: Linear Fuctions and Straight Lines
Section 1.4: Quadratic Functions
Section 2.1: Polynomial and Rational Functions
Section 2.2: Exponential Functions
Section 2.3: Logarithmic Functions
Appendix B-2: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Section 3.1: Simple Interest
Section 3.2: Compounded Interest
Section 3.3: Future Value
Section 3.4: Present Value
Section 4.1: Systems of Equations
Section 4.2: Linear Equations/Matrices
Section 4.3: Gauss-Jordan Elimination
Section 4.4: Matrices: Basic Operations
Section 4.5: Inverse of a Square Matrix
Section 4.7: Leontief Input-Output
Section 5.1: Systems of Inequalities
Section 5.2: Linear Programming
Section 6.1: Counting Principles
Section 6.2: Permutations and Combinations
Section 6.3: Sample Spaces, Events and Probability
Section 6.4: Union, Intersection, Complement of Events
Section 6.5: Conditional Probability


Assignments will be given once a week. They are not to be handed in and are for practice only. Solutions to the assignments are available at the copy center.


There will be two 1-hour mid-term examinations taken in class. No making-up will be for mid-terms.


It is a 3-hour long examination, which covers all topics as mentioned in the syllabus.


2 Mid-Terms: 40%; Final Examination: 60% , or 100% of the final exam, whichever is higher.


It has been organized to help students in solving problems. The locations are HB114-Loyola Compus and LB540-SGW Compus, the schedule will be posted in the Department.


With y^x and log x functions are required.