Math 115: Calculus II, Winter Term 2000-2001

by Dr. Ming Mei

GRADING POLICY: Homework: 10%; Midterm Examination*: 30%; and Final Examination (or Deferred Final**): 60%.

SYLLABUS: This course will roughly cover \S 6.1--6.4 \S 7.1--7.7, \S 8.1--8.5, \S 8.7--8.8, \S 9.1--9.2, \S 10.3--10.4 (10.5 optional)

CALCULATORS: Calculators are not allowed in Midterm and Final Exams.

HOMEWORK: There will be weekly assignments to be handed out on each Monday by 4.30pm in the appropriate slot box on the third floor of CAB located near Room 373. Late assignments are not graded.

MIDTERM EXAMINATION: (Wednesday, February 28, in class) It covers \S 6.1--6.4, \S 7.1--\7.7

FINAL EXAMINATION: (The end of April, the exact time will be announced late) It covers Chapters 6--10 as the above-mentioned in Syllabus.

*: There will be no makeup midterms. The weight of the midterm would be shifted to final examination, i.e., FINAL=90%, provided university procedures are followed in obtaining a written excuse.

**: Excused absence and deferred examinations are intended to accommodate students who have experienced an incapaciting illness or severe domestic affection. In the past, students in this course have applied for deferred examinations or excused absence in disproportionate compared to other courses. Since there is no reason to believe that students in this course are more prone to incapaciting illness than students in other course, please be advised that applications for deferred examinations in this course will not be approved without complete documentation that the absence was due to incapaciting illness or grave domestic affection. Applications based on minor or inconsequential ailment or circumstances will not be approved. Students whose records include a prior history of examinations in any course will only be granted for truly compelling reasons. The Deferred examination will be taken place at 9:00 - 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, May 26, 2001, in CAB 243.

NOTE: Students who require accommodations in this course due to a disability affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, or mental or physical health are advised to discuss their needs with Specialized Support and Disability Services, 2-800 Students' Union Building, 492-3381 (phone) or 492-7269 (TTY).