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Here are some of photos of my grandson Alexandre James Mei,  my daughter  Yuki (Yuying) Mei and  my son Wilson (Yuxin)  Mei (to enlarge the photos, please double click the small icons)

Yuying (Yuki) is open, easy going, and pretty beautiful.  She graduated from the honor heath science program at Marianopolis College (pre-university program of CEGEP in Quebec, Canada) in 2018, she was super excellent and got all interviews for dentistry program and medicine program from McGill University, Université de Montréal,  Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke where she applied for. She was accepted by  Université de Montréal for dentistry program by skipping the regular undergraduate study. Currently she is a dental student in the 5-year program of  Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD), Class 2018-2023,   at Faculté de médecine dentaire, Université de Montréal.

Yuxin (Wilson) did his 2-years CEGEP of the honor heath science program at Marianopolis College (pre-university program in Quebec), then he went to McGill University for undergraduate study at Department of Micro-Biology and Immunology  in 2007. He graduated as a top student from  McGill University in May of 2010 with  B.S. degree, then he succeeded getting in the program of  Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD)  at Faculty of DentistryMcGill University.  After receiving his DMD degree in May of 2015, Dr. Yuxin Mei did one year dental-residency in the Hospital of University of Connectiut, USA. In July of 2016 he came back  to Montreal, and opened his dentistry clinics (Mei Dentistry Clinics). He owns three dental clinics, one is in West Island of Montreal,  one  is in Downtown Montreal, the other is in South shore of Montreal. 6 excellent dentists who all graduated from McGill are working in the clinics. Dr. Yuxin Mei was also said to be a math whiz in high school, he skipped his math courses from grade 7 to grade 11, and the other subjects from grade 7 to grade 9 in Jams Lying  High School, Montreal.  There were two articles about how excellence of him reported by The Montreal Gazette--the major and greatest English newspaper in Montreal, Canada:

1. Challenge drives young math whiz
2. The thing about math

Alexandre James Mei

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Yuying Mei

Yuying-2020-summer Yuying-UdeM-2018 Yuying-UdeM-2018 Yuying-UdeM-2018   Yuying-UdeM-2018

Yuying-2018 Yuying-2018 Yuying and Lily 2018   Yuying-2016

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Dr. Yuxin Mei
Dr. Yuxin Mei Yuxin-2015 Yuxin-2015 Yuxin Mei, 2010 in Toronto Yuxin, 2009 in Montreal Yuxin, 2009 in Montreal

Wilson-1 Wilson-2 Wilson-3 Wilson-4 Wilson-5 Wilson-6 Wilson-7 Wilson-8 Wilson-9 Wilson-10 Wilson-11 Wilson-12 Wilson-13 Yuxin-2015 Yuxin-2015

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