MATH 595/740, FALL 2020, Entropic Infoprmation Theory

Instructor: Vojkan Jaksic, BURN 1222, 398-3827,
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About the course :
The course concerns modern entropic information theory centred around coding algorithms. It will follow the book “The Ergodic Theory of Discrete Sample Paths” by Paul C. Shields AMS Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol 13, 1996, with digressions concerning more recent developments. The course will continue with a research seminar in the Winter 2021. Various research opportunities (post-doctoral, PhD, masters, and undergraduate level) related to the material of the course and the seminar will be available starting Summer 2021. Besides the students in mathematics and statistics, this course might be of interest to mathematically inclined students in electrical engineering and computer science. Staring with the seminal work of Shannon, most of the central topics of the course originated in the field of electrical engineering/information transmission.
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