189-255B, Analysis II

Winter 2002


  • Assignment 1 (DUE WEDNESDAY, JAN. 23): postscript, pdf.
  • Assignment 2 (DUE MONDAY, FEB. 11): postscript, pdf. Note: there has been a typo in the statement of problem 3; it has been corrected in the latest version.
  • Assignment 3 (DUE MONDAY, March 18): postscript, pdf.
  • Assignment 4 (DUE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3): postscript, pdf.
  • Handouts

  • Handout 1: Relative Topology etc. postscript, pdf.
  • Handout 2: Point set topology in R^n and uniform convergence. postscript, pdf.
  • Other Web Resources

  • Professor S. W. Drury's (very extensive!) lecture notes for Math 255 (pdf file).
  • John L. Orr's WebNotes for Analysis I, II.
  • R. B. Howlett's lecture notes on Metric Spaces.
  • Graham Brightwell's lecture notes on Real Analysis.
  • D. Gokhman's lecture notes on various subjects.
  • Interactive Real Analysis web page.
  • Calculus and Analysis entries from Eric Weisstein's MathWorld (a Wolfram web resource).
  • Plotting the Monsters of Real Analysis (Mathematica Notebooks)