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Researchers in Analysis and Related Fields

Name University Research Interests E-mail
L. Baribeau Laval Complex Analysis, Banach Algebras, Complex Dynamics
J-M. Belley Sherbrooke Analysis
J.R. Choksi McGill Measure Theory, Ergodic Theory
G. Dafni Concordia Harmonic Analysis, PDE, Several Complex Variables
H. Darmon McGill Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, p-adic Analysis
J.M. De Koninck Laval Classical Number Theory
S. Drury McGill Harmonic Analysis, Matrix Theory
S. Dubuc UMontreal Fractal Geometry, Geometric Modelling, Optimization
R. Duncan UMontreal Ergodic Theory, Probability
R. Fournier UMontreal Complex Analysis, Univalent Functions, Inequalities
M. Frigon UMontreal Nonlinear Analysis, Critical Point Theory, Fixed Point Theory, Differential Equations and Inclusions
P. Gauthier UMontreal Complex Analysis, Potential Theory, Elliptic Equations
P.Gora Concordia Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, Fractal Geometry
F. Gourdeau Laval Banach algebra, Cohomology
K.N. GowriSankaran McGill Potential Theory
P. Guan McGill Geometric Analysis
R.L. Hall Concordia Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger Operators, Applied Analysis, Applied Probability, Many-Body Problem in QM, Spectral Geometry, Geometric Spectral Inversion
J.P. Harnad Concordia Mathematical Physics (Integrable Systems, Gauge Theory, Relativity), Differential Geometry, Group Theoretical Methods
D. Jakobson McGill Harmonic Analysis, Spectral Geometry, Number Theory
V. Jaksic McGill Mathematical Physics
Tomasz Kaczynski Sherbrooke Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Computational Topology
N. Kamran McGill Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics
I. Klemes McGill Harmonic Analysis, Trigonometric Series
P. Koosis McGill Harmonic Analysis
D.A. Korotkin Concordia Integrable Systems, Classical and Quantum Gravity
J. Mashreghi Laval Complex Analysis, Hardy Spaces, Potential theory, Banach algebras
G. Philippin Laval Elliptic PDE: variational principles, Maximum principles, ill-posed problems; ODE; Mathematical Physics
I. Polterovich UMontreal PDE, Spectral Theory, Differential Geometry
T. Ransford Laval Complex Analysis, Potential Theory, Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory
D. Rochon UQTR 3D Fractals, Bicomplex Analysis and Bicomplex Dynamics Dominic.Rochon@UQTR.CA
J. Rostand Laval Complex Analysis, Experimental Mathematics
C. Rousseau UMontreal Nonlinear differential equations, Dynamical systems, Bifurcations
N. Saad Concordia Mathematical Physics, Spectral Geometry
G. Schmidt McGill Control Theory for PDE
A. Shnirelman Concordia Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence
A. Stancu Concordia Geometric Analysis
J.C. Taylor McGill Potential Theory, Probability
J. Toth McGill Spectral Theory, Microlocal Analysis, Hamiltonian Mechanics
G. Tsortgerel McGill PDE, Mathematical Physics, Geometric Analysis, Numerical Analysis
R. Vermes McGill Complex Analysis
S. Zaidman UMontreal Differential Equations (Almost-Periodic, DE on Abstract Spaces), PDE, Pseudo-Differential Operators, Abstract Analysis

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