Letter by Utpal Sarkar

I just installed Peter Green's Heegner point package to be used with pari 2.3.4, but it was not entirely trivial. In case you're interested what I had to do, I'll describe the steps. I tried installing an old pari, but that didn't work either, probably because of some incompatibilities between library versions of some kind.

1) Your "configure" reads a file generated by pari with the compilation settings. Apparently it used to be called differently in older versions of pari. This can be solved by creating a soft link called dft.Config.in to pari.cfg in the subdirectory Olinux-i686 of the pari build directory: ln -s pari.cfg dft.Config.in.

2) After executing configure, the pari include directory is wrong in the generated Makefile. Changing this (appending /pari) this is fixed.

With these two changes it worked for me.