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CRM thematic semester
Members' seminar

Organisers: Patrick Allen, Henri Darmon, Mladen Dimitrov, Eyal Goren, Adrian Iovita, Antonio Lei, Mike Lipnowski,and Giovanni Rosso.

Time. Thursdays 2:00-3:30 (roughly), alternating with the Quebec-Vermont seminars.

The goal of the members' seminar, for now, is for the postdocs and visitors to introduce themselves and describe their research interests and ongoing projects.

The participant list is restricted to our postdocs, graduate students, and others with official affiliation with the thematic semester, but if you are interested in taking part and being added to the participant list please just contact me.

Participants who are here or will arrive soon:

Angelica Babei
Lea Beneish
Antonio Cauchi
Lennart Gehrmann
Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier
Debanjana Kundu
Adam Logan
Jackson Morrow
Alice Pozzi
Jishnu Ray
Joel Specter
Salim Tayou

Participants who hope to arrive soon, borders permitting:

Daniel Barrera
Denis Benois
Riccardo Brasca
Maria-Rosaria Pati
Gauthier Ponsinet

Participants who have cancelled their visit but may attend remotely:

Claire Burrin (ETH)
Jacklyn Lang (Oxford)
Pedro Lemos (UCL)
Bharath Palvannan (NCTS Taipei)

Graduate student Participants

Francesc Gispert-Sanchez
David Lilienfeldt
Reginald Lybbert
Isabella Negrini
James Rickards
Marti Roset Julia
Ricardo Toso
Ju-Feng Wu
Peter Xu


2:30 PM, Friday, July 24.
Some of us (those who can) will meet for a picnic style lunch on the McGill campus; we will then gather on zoom.
The recorded presentation by Lea and Lennart is now available.

2:30 PM, Friday, July 31.
Picnic style lunch on the McGill campus, at noon (weather permitting).
The Zoom presentations by Jackson and Mathilde are now available.

2:30 PM, Friday, August 7.
Picnic style lunch on the McGill campus, at noon (weather permitting).
The Zoom presentations by Joel and Antonio are now available.

2:30 PM, Friday, August 14.
Picnic style lunch on the McGill campus, at noon (weather permitting).
The recorded presentation by Claire and Daniel is now available.

2:30 PM, Friday, August 21.
We will take a break and resume the following week.

2:30 PM, Friday, August 28.
Picnic Lunch at the McGill campus at noon.
Because of technical problems with my router, the recording of Adam's excellent lecture is unfortunately not available. As a consolation, here are his slides.
The reccording of Alice's lecture is available however.

2:30 PM, Friday, September 4.
Because of the Serre weights workshop, we will suspend the seminar for this week.

2:30 PM, Friday, September 11.
Presentations by Debanjana and Angelica.
In between, we will experiment with a new platform for socialising on-line, called gather.town. Participants do not need prior training, you will just have to click on a link that will be inserted in the zoom chat during the meeting. Thanks to Jackie for explaining this to me!

Thursday, September 17.
2:00-3:30. Gauthier and Bharath.

Thursday, September 24.
Quebec-Vermont number theory seminar.

Thursday, October 1.
2:00-3:30. Maria- Rosaria and Salim spoke in the seminar.

Thursday, October 8.

Thursday, October 15.
2:00-3:30. Jishnu and Pedro.

Thursday, October 22.
QVNTS, and Workshop on Eisenstein cocycles.

Thursday, October 29.
2:00-3:30. Jackson.

Thursday, November 12.
**** The members' seminar has been RETIRED to make room for a competing activity, the discussion group to prepare us for the upcoming Aisenstadt Lectures of Weisia Niziol, and the workshop on higher Coleman Theory of the week after.