I am currently finishing my PhD at McGill University under the supervision of Louigi Addario-Berry, working on problems in discrete probability.
Next year I will be doing a PostDoc with the Networks Centre in Eindhoven, under the supervision of Remco van der Hofstad.
Quickly access my:
You can also contact me at benoitcorsini at gmail dot com if you have any questions.
My research is concentrated around properties of random graphs, random trees, and random permutations, with contributions related to binary search trees, Mallows permutations, and minimum spanning trees.
I also have other interests and submitted papers in computational music theory and machine learning for graph anomaly detection.
Finally, I am very interested in making my work accessible to everyone and I have created various representations of my work through engaging animations.
If you find any of the previous topics interesting and would like to collaborate with me, or if you want me to create animated representation of your work, feel free to contact me at benoitcorsini at gmail dot com.
Below is a list of my recent articles.
Apart from my research interests, I also have various topics I am passionate about/spend way too much time on. These includes but are not limited to: music (writing and playing), geography (including vexillology), and arts (mainly paintings).
To know more about my secret music career, go to this page.
Otherwise, if you are just curious about my other projects related to geography and the arts, then follow this link.