Week 1.
Friday January 7th.
Sperner's lemma and the existence of Nash equilibria.
  • Excellent notes by Costis Daskalakis.
  • More on Sperner's Lemma can be found in J. Matousek and J. Nesetril, Section 6.1 of "Invitation to Discrete Mathematics", Oxford University Press, 1998.

    Week 2.
    Friday January 14th.
    Zero Sum Games; Correlated Equilibria.
  • For notes on zero-sum games see V.Chvatal, "Linear Programming", pp228-233, Freeman, 1980 or more notes by Costis Daskalakis.
  • For notes on correlated equilibria see D. Fudenberg and J. Tirole, "Game Theory", pp53-59, MIT Press, 1991 or notes by Eva Tardos.

    Week 3.
    Friday January 21st.
    Polyhedra and Random games.
  • I. Barany, S. Vempala and A. Vetta, Nash equilibria in random games, Random Structures and Algorithms, 2007.
  • L. Devroye, A note on finding convex hulls via maximal vectors, Information Processing Letters, 1980.

    Week 4.
    Friday January 28th.
    Social Choice Theory. [Peter Sloan]
  • Slides.

    Week 5.
    Friday February 4th.
    Nash Bargaining. [Neil Girdhar]

    Week 6.
    Friday February 11th.
    Mechanism Design. [Athena Kardehi Moghaddam and Ehsan Khosrowshahi Asl]
  • Slides.

    Week 7.
    Friday February 18th.
    Revenue Equivalence Theorem. [Manjinder Kaur]
  • Slides.

    Week 8.
    Spring Break - No Lecture.

    Week 9.
    Friday March 4th.
    Behavioural Game Theory. [Jin Xing and Chatavut Viriyasuthee]
  • Slides.

    Week 10.
    Friday March 11th.
    Algorithms for finding Nash Equilibria. [Ethan Kim]
  • Slides.

    Week 11.
    Friday March 18th.
    Bounded Rationality. [Andie Sigler]

    Week 12.
    Friday March 25th.
    Utility and Scales. [Hariharan Natanasihamani]
  • Slides.

    Week 13.
    Friday April 1st.
    The Core. [Sara Froehlich]
  • Notes.

    Week 14.
    Friday April 8th.
    No Lecture

  • Week 15.
    Friday April 15th.
    Complexity of finding Nash Equilibria. [Bundit Laekhanukit and Paul Tang]